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Welcome to Kitchen 52.

Food is a wonderful way to bring loved ones together, it nourishes and comforts us. Meal Cards is designed to make life easier through the whole recipe journey. Meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking.  


Feel free to adjust these recipes to make them your own, whether you are cooking for one or the whole family. Celebrate with those who are important to you with these delicious recipes. It’s never been easier.

Meal planning with Meal Cards.

Plan for the weekend, the whole week, or just for tonight, it's up to you. Shuffle and deal the number of cards you need. Each suit represents a different food category. You can use the suits and nutritional values to help you build a balanced meal plan, discarding any cards you need to.

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Food shopping with Meal Cards.

Each card contains an ingredient list organised by common supermarket departments, like meat & fish, dairy, baking goods, frozen and more. If you are going to the shops, you can take the cards with you as your grocery list or snap a photo of the cards using your phone. 

Cooking guides with Meal Cards.

When it comes to cooking these delicious recipes you can find easy-to-follow cooking guides on our website. Simply scan the QR code with your phone or tablet's camera. You can also type the web address into your browser. 


Nutritional guides for every recipe.

To help you build balanced meal plans each recipe displays the number of servings, cooking times and nutritional information per portion. This information is provided as a courtesy and is an estimate only.  Read more information here

A well-stocked pantry is essential.

When using Meal Cards be sure to keep a well-stocked pantry with the following ingredients: Salt, pepper, olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil, red wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar. These items are never listed on the cards but may be required when cooking the recipe. 

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A note on kitchen equipment.

To cook these recipes you will need a kitchen with standard cooking equipment. This includes but is not limited to a hob, an oven, a set of pots and pans, knives and utensils, baking paper and a food processor, etc. Please make sure you know how to use the equipment and do so safely and responsibly. 

A night off from cooking with the jokers.

Everyone fancies a break from cooking every once in a while. Shuffle in the jokers for a chance of a wildcard. One represents eating out, the other a takeaway. Use the jokers wisely and only if you want to. You don't have to include them in your meal plan and can leave them in the box.

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Show off your skills by sharing a photo of your awesomely prepared meals online using the hashtag #mealcards. See what fellow home chefs have done too. Share this new and exciting way of meal planning with your friends, family and the world.


Great for card games and magic tricks.

A lot of enjoyment can come from sitting down with friends and family to play some cards and share magic tricks. Designed with great attention to detail, Meal Cards are 52 quality playing cards. Suits and values are prominent in opposite corners. White borders create a uniform look. A two-way pattern back design to hide the orientation of the cards and more. Be careful when playing card games as you might get hungry.

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Buy Meal Cards for a friend.

Give the gift of fun meal planning and easy cooking.

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