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Dedicated to recipes and meal planning.

A place for people to share recipes, meal plans, grocery hacks, foodography, cooking tips and more. We have six awesome member benefits and hold prized competitions to inspire content creators. 


Let's build a great experience across the whole food journey, together.

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Special user flairs for new members.

Join our community today to receive a special user flair that is available for a limited time only. These flairs will be awarded only to our earliest members as a way to recognise those who helped kickstart our community. 


Tip: User flairs appear next to your username in our community.

Founding Foodie

Six Awesome Member Benefits


Only our members receive the password to access our secret recipes, hidden from public view.

Access to Secret Recipes

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We inspire members to create quality content for our community by holding competitions with prizes and awards.

Competitions and Prizes

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Connect with fellow foodies. Share, discover and discuss new recipes, meal plans, cooking tips and more.

Community of Foodies

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Help shape and mould Kitchen 52 and our community. Your voice matters and can make an impact on our future.

Vote and Have Your Say



We create a variety of unique content that we only post in our community for our members to enjoy.

Unique Content From Kitchen 52

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We post promo codes to reward our members with discounts on Kitchen 52's online shop.

Exclusive Discount Codes

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Awards designed for this community.

Our custom made community awards are funny food-themed puns, making them the perfect way to recognise and react to other people's contributions. Our mods can give special awards with the gift of Reddit Premium.

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Building our Reddit community.

Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet and sparks endless conversations and authentic human connections. 


Because users have the power to create, vote and comment on posts, we believe Reddit to be the perfect place to bring foodies together. 



Join our community today.

As we are in the early stages of growing our community, not all features and benefits will be available at launch. We will be releasing these features and benefits gradually over time.

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